China "Yuanwang" successful completion of space flight control task return

China Satellite Maritime Survey and Control Department belongs
On the 7th, the successful completion of the fifth new generation of Beidou navigation satellite maritime monitoring and control tasks of the "Yuan Wang III" measuring ship safely into the Yangtze River estuary. Far more than 120 days away from the ocean "Yuanwang six" survey ship has also been in the South Pacific waters on the way back. Has returned to China at the end of January "Yuan Wang V" survey ship, the annual continuous sea operations 156 days, refresh the long-sighted single ship a flight time history. Since the second half of 2015, China's space launch mission has entered a highly intensive period. China Satellite Maritime Survey and Control Department owned "Yuanwang 3", "Yuanwang V", "Yuanwang 6" aerospace ocean survey ship have been engaged in maritime monitoring and control tasks, has successfully completed the Long March 11, Dark matter science detection satellite "Wukong", China for the first time to the European star exports "Belarusian communications satellite one" more than 10 times the space launch monitoring and control tasks. According to statistics, three "Yuanwang" measuring ship accumulated more than 580 days of sea operations, the total range of 13 million sea miles, equivalent to around the equator 6 laps.

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