Xi'an a building podium collapsed search and rescue work is ongoing

Collapse caused by natural gas leakage
Xi'an, July 29 (Reporter Ji Haofeng Zhang Yichen) reporter from the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Fire Corps was informed that occurred in the afternoon of the afternoon of the southern suburbs of Xi'an, a building podium collapse accident, resulting in natural gas leakage, at the same time, search and rescue work is ongoing The At 17:55 on the 29th, Xi'an 119 command center police said Kam Road and Zhang eight road near the collapse of the building occurred. At the scene, firefighters said the collapse of a building is a two-story steel structure podium, when the collapse caused by natural gas leakage. Firefighters to dilute the scene, while the use of life detector, search and rescue roundabout search for any personnel trapped. At present, search and rescue work is ongoing.

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