IKEA: China drawer cabinet no problem recall to arouse dangerous cognition

IKEA China is willing to recall the cost of these compliance with the mandatory standards of the drawer cabinet
IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd. announced that from July 12, 2016 in the Chinese market recalled from 1999 to 2016 during the sale of Marm and other series of drawer cabinets. Network Information After consultation with AQSIQ, China Consumers Association, Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision and other government departments in China for more than a week, IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd. announced that from July 12, 2016, Chinese market recalled from 1999 to 2016 during the sale of Malm and other series of drawer cabinets, drawer cabinets recalled with the same way in the United States, Canada. For this product within the scope of this recall, IKEA recommends that all users who have purchased IKEA's drawer cabinets to see if the drawer cabinet at home has been connected to the wall. IKEA has always provided free on-wall connections and has difficulties on the wall Users can provide free home installation support; or consumers can choose to return furniture IKEA shopping, IKEA shopping card in the form of a full refund. IKEA China Public Relations Manager Xu Lide told surging news, these drawer cabinets if not fixed on the wall, there may be dumping the risk, but these goods themselves do not have any problems. Therefore, the recall at the same time, Malm and other series of drawer cabinets will be sold in IKEA as it is, no need to improve the goods. IKEA stressed that IKEA's drawer cabinet complies with the EU and all other countries on the product of the mandatory standards. Since compliance with mandatory standards, IKEA and why the first in the US market announced the recall, and eventually agreed to recall in China? "IKEA China is willing to recall the cost of these mandatory standards of the drawer cabinet, the biggest significance is to arouse people's awareness of the danger of overturning to the furniture, and to prevent accidents to deal with the accident." Xu Lide said, "to prevent The best way to dump furniture is to fix it on the wall. "On June 29, due to the risk of possible overturned, IKEA announced that in the United States and Canada to recall including the best-selling Malmo series, including 36.5 million Drawer cabinet It is reported that these problems drawer cabinet has caused six children to die. But then IKEA said the recall did not involve China because these drawers were in compliance with China's cabinet stability standards and met China's regulatory requirements, and the company did not hear that China had children killed. IKEA explained that when the Malm drawer cabinet dumped another tragedy in the United States after the incident, IKEA launched a US consumer product safety committee (CPSC) discussion, one of the results is in North America for product recall. The recall is based on the local ASTM standards used. It is understood that ASTM refers to the American Society for Testing and Research (American Society of Testing Materials), formerly known as the International Society for Testing Materials. It is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit standard academic groups in the United States. After a century of development, ASTM has 33,669 members (individuals and groups), of which 22396 major committee members work as technical specialists in their committees. ASTM technical committee has a total of 2004 technical subcommittees. There are 105,817 units participated in the development of ASTM standards, the main task is to develop materials, products, systems, and services in areas such as the characteristics and performance standards, test methods and procedural standards to promote the development and promotion of knowledge. ASTM has more than 11,000 existing standards, each year in the ASTM standard yearbook of iron and steel, nonferrous metals and other 15 categories of more than 70 volumes published. Xu Lide said, ASTM standards are selective rather than mandatory standards, the standard requirements of furniture in the free standing, the outside world can not be dumped pressure. Malm and other drawer cabinets are only mandatory standards that must be attached to the wall, will not be dumped under external stimuli, and do not meet the freedom of standing when the external force will not dump the selective criteria. IKEA is reluctant to recall similar drawer cabinets in China, triggering a wide range of questions. Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places Consumers Association, and the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision, AQSIQ and other government departments at all levels of talks, under pressure, IKEA finally agreed to recall the drawer cabinet in China. IKEA recalled huge losses. According to IKEA statistics, from the IKEA to enter China in 1999, as of the current 17 years, the mainland of China affected products (including imports) a total of 1660845 pieces. Even if the lowest price of IKEA drawer cabinet 299 yuan / piece calculation, the value of these affected goods also reached 500 million yuan. "Because there is no choice of all consumers, so there is no way to determine the specific recall losses." Xu Lide said, but no matter how much loss, as long as the consumer is beneficial to things, IKEA are willing to take responsibility. "A large-scale" firmly fixed "promotional activities, has been launched at the IKEA global shopping malls at the same time, IKEA calls for consumers to pay attention to the darling of furniture dumps. Furniture overturned the problem for the entire furniture industry is a serious home safety issues , According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC): in the United States, every two weeks there will be a case due to television sets, household appliances and furniture caused by the death of the deaths occurred.

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