Henan Puyang Intermediate Court a long driving roof auxiliary police hurricane was taken away by the police

The driver of the incident is not the president of Puyang City Intermediate People 's Court
On the day of the incident, the driver was taken away by the police. Crazy car against a police officer bolted two kilometers, in the crowd under the forced to stop. May 3, occurred in the high-speed railway station in Anyang caused a strong concern. May 5 and May 6, the newspaper were in the A12 version, A06 version of "wore a police all the way bolted two kilometers", "the driver is still the mystery of the deck car owners have no knowledge" as the title, The matter was reported. Yesterday afternoon, Dahe newspaper reporter multi-verification, access to the latest situation of the incident, involved in the pilot for the Puyang City Intermediate People's Court a president. The event has taken place for four days, and the reader is strongly concerned about the progress of the incident. Yesterday, the scene of the masses on the Internet issued a photo of the driver. Online also crazy when the car rushed to the law enforcement officers all the way to monitor the video screenshots. Subsequently, a netizen said the suspect was suspected of Puyang City Intermediate People 's Court of a court. Is the driver of the Puyang City Intermediate People's Court? Why does the president drive to the top? Yesterday afternoon 4:30, the reporter contacted the Puyang City Intermediate People's Court Office of the Director Feng. Know the reporter's intention to interview, Fengzhu Ren told reporters that they have been on the matter were informed, please check the court's official microblogging. Subsequently, the reporter found Puyang City Court official microblogging "Puyang Intermediate People's Court", in the microblogging reporter saw yesterday afternoon at 3:56 pm, the microblogging released a "Puyang City Intermediate People's Court on the criminal court Li Quanjie traffic accident incident "Bowen. The report said: "After investigation and verification, the incident involved in the case of the driver of the two court president Li Quanjie .This morning, our hospital held a party meeting, the incident to make the following decision: First, Work, by the city hospital discipline inspection group, the supervision room and invited NPC deputies, CPPCC members, clean government supervisors and other joint investigation team, at the same time invited the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Municipal Committee of Politics and Law involved in the incident to conduct a comprehensive investigation. The police officers made a thorough inspection, unconditional cooperation with the public security organs of Anyang City, and actively take the initiative to visit the incident due to the injured auxiliary police, to the injured auxiliary police made a sincere apology.Three, according to the public security organs to investigate and deal with the decision, Puyang City Intermediate People's Court will 4, Puyang City Intermediate People's Court will take this as a warning, in the city's courts to carry out discipline disciplines to rectify activities to strengthen education management, to prevent similar incidents from happening again, to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents in the city, Thank you and welcome the broad masses of media and the masses to continue their attention And supervise the work of Puyang City Intermediate People's Court. "The inscription date is May 6, 2015. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the insider, the car involved in the driver blood test, did not find alcohol content. So, why the driver involved in such a crazy move? Reporters learned from the police that the matter is being tense in the investigation and verification. The specific situation of this newspaper will continue to focus. (Reporter Gao Zhiqiang intern Niu Jingfang)

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