Anhui: two brothers because of homestead disputes each other dung water

Wang Erhai, Zhao Fang compensation for Jiang Hong tree section of more than 1,000 yuan
Funan County, there are two brothers, because the homestead is too busy, the final brother to the court. Wang Dahai and Wang Erhai is a brother, the relationship has been good. In February 2013, because of the homestead, their relationship became tense. This pimple has not been solved, angrily, Wang Erhai destroyed Wang Dahai 11 poplar. Wang Taihai newspaper police, Wang Erhai was the police administrative detention on the 5th and fined 200 yuan. Things happen a few months later, Wang Dahai's wife Jiang Hong found that her family has five trees died. Do not know who did it, she stood at the door shouted abuse, curse who poisoned the poplar. At this time, Wang Erhai wife Zhao Fang heard, and directly admitted that she was poisonous. There was a quarrel between the two sides. Quarrel, Jiang Hong found a bucket of manure, Zhao Fang home to the splashing on the door. Wang Erhai that the matter, but also picked up the dumplings, to Jiang Hong home poured manure. Jiang Hong ran up to block, the two sides had a physical conflict, Jiang Hong was wounded, spent more than 2,000 yuan to medical expenses. Police intervention, Zhao Fang deliberately damaged property by the police to administrative detention 5, Wang Erhai was the police to administrative detention 6, Jiang Hong was punished by the police 500 yuan fine. After discharge, Jiang Hong Wang Erhai and Zhao Fang to court. Funan County Court after hearing that Wang Dahhai and Wang Erhai is a brother, both sides occurred homestead disputes, should be resolved by consultation or litigation. Wang Erhai Jiang Hong wounded, Jiang Hong asked the other party to pay the relevant costs, the court to support. Jiang Hong poued water behavior is the reason for fighting, so the court discretionary Wang Erhai Jiang Hong bear a reasonable loss of 60% of the liability. The court final verdict, Wang Erhai compensation for Jiang Hong medical expenses total more than 2,000 yuan. In addition, Wang Erhai, Zhao Fang compensation for Jiang Hong tree more than 1,000 yuan. (The characters are a pseudonym)

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